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My favorite five....

So found this community after stumbling upon the Five Acts Exchange - which I wanted to do - but of course came too late to sign up.... which actually happens to me too often.


  1. Mating - hot, passionate, mating for life or just for the season/night, that's fine too... it's just something I find animalistic that I love to see in fics. I don't even care if its a human with a were!animal or whatnot, I love it. I especially love when it locks the two of them together for a few hours...
  2. M/F/M - That is one threesome I fall for at any time, and it doesn't matter to me if the guys interact with each other or just focus on the woman, as long as one is under her and the other is on top of her - making a sexy sandwich. ;D If you want to add another girl or guy to the mix? All the better.
  3. Sex Pollen  -- or something like it... its something I got introduced to thanks to the Batman fandom, but I'd love to see it in others, which I haven't seen too often.
  4. Powers - I enjoy seeing people using their special abilities/superpowers on their partner or near them during sex.... Sex generally makes you lose control, and I'd love to see that happen....
  5. Blood - kinda like marking but mainly love it in vampire fic; drinking each other's blood, causing the other to bleed and then licking it up.... pretty much anything dealing with blood.

    I have other kinks, some that other people already wrote, so I decided to go with the ones that weren't already written about (a lot).

    I know the writers pick, but here's the list of FandomsCrossovers I like.

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