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Brand New To The Group!! :D

Okay... came across this group quite by accident but I think I may like it since as the icon suggests, I am a major kink whore who is very hard to squick!! The hardest thing is going to be choosing only five of my fave kinks!!

1. Daddy!Kink... Slash only please... I love to see the guys dressing up all little girl or teen girl like and then calling their partner daddy. Not so much a sub/dom thing just some friendly sexy role play between two consenting adults!!

2. MPreg... Slash only please... I love seeing the guys getting knocked up but I also like for there to be a plausible reason such as them being magical or being other types of creatures so it at least makes sense... also potions or something along that line could also explain it away. I like to see them be all crazy from hormones or have to deal with what woman deal with during pregnancy. Either comical or romantic, this is a great kink to read!!

3. Cross Generations... I love to see younger adults being seduced by older adults. Its hot to see cougar women prey on young men or having older guys preying on younger men... I'm not as into older men getting with younger woman though and I hate femmeslash so thats a no go.
Examples would be Draco Malfoy with Albus Severus Potter, Ginny Weasley with Scorpius Malfoy, Usami Akihiko with Misaki Anything of that nature.

4. Oral Sex...to me this includes rimming... Theres something hott about a guys mouth being anywhere near the other guys naughty parts. Also its okay in HET as well but not nearly as hott as it is in slash fics.

5. Vampire fics... I love just about any fandom that has vampires in it, I also love when characters that aren't vamps in canon are made into vamps for fanfics... It goes without saying that I love the blood drinking but I mostly love it in the context of a prelude to sex or during the sex. Vamps can be so sensual when they are drinking someone's blood during sex. Also they have lots of other special abilities that can make the smut special with them.

I hope I haven't freaked anyone out with my kinks since I know some people squick easy but I am not one of them really... I know we're not supposed to pick fandoms but if anyone goes to my profile it will be obvious what I'm into... Pretty much vamps, Potterverse, and some Anime but I am way open to new fandoms... its how I first got hooked on some of my fave fandoms!! :D
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