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Aria, The Day After Tomorrow, Brian/J.D. , NC-17

Title: Aria
Author: nekosmuse
Author website: nekosmuse
Fandom: The Day After Tomorrow
Pairing: Brian/J.D.
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: The entire movie.
Archive: possibly my site, anywhere else, just ask.
Summary: This is nothing like New York.

Disclaimer: So not mine

Author's note: Let's face it, most of you could care less about this movie, this is all for carolinecrane.

Based on: Premature ejaculation because nothing says love like post-apocalyptic high school boys coming in their pants.

Word Count: 2081


Back home he used to fall asleep listening to Telemann's Aria in G Major. He wasn't necessarily a fan of classical music, although technically Telemann belonged to the baroque period, but someone had once told him that listening to classical music honed a person's math skills. It was worth a try, anyway, and after a while he found himself rather liking the small piece. It was soothing, almost wistful, and it conjured up a feeling of security. It got to the point where he couldn't sleep without it.

Here there is no Aria playing in the background, only the soft snores of the people around him and the hectic white noise of the camp. He still isn't used to it, but they've only been here three weeks and he tells himself to give it time, that eventually the sound of the generators will come to be just as soothing. He's not sure he believes it.

Shadows play across the canvas of the tent above him and he finds himself fascinated by them, watching them intently like they're capable of lulling him into sleep. It's better than nothing; he hasn't slept in days, not really. A few hours here and there, when exhaustion became too much to bear, but he's spent most of the time worrying.

About his parents, and whether he'll ever see them again. About Sam, and whether the sudden change in his relationship with Laura will alter their friendship. And about J.D.

They haven't spoken much since they landed, there's been too much to do and the surrounding chaos is only just beginning to fade. They certainly haven't talked about that night in New York spent huddled beneath blankets, shivering and wondering if they might die right there. Die with nothing but each other and, at the time, the kiss seemed natural, normal even.

Looking back on it, he's surprised he handled the entire situation so calmly. He thinks maybe it was the cold, or maybe the sight of Sam and Laura curled around each other on the couch. Or maybe it was just J.D., because Brian feels safe with J.D., felt safe with J.D. that night. Safe enough to share a kiss and it was Brian's first. He can still feel it, cold lips playing against his own, warming them both until he actually broke into a sweat under the blankets.

When he closes his eyes, he can still taste J.D. on his tongue and it makes him wants things he's not certain he has a right to. Because sure, they kissed, but that was all and, even though they spent the helicopter ride sitting side by side, stealing the occasional glance, it hasn't happened since.

"Brian, are you awake?"

Brian blinks away the memory and turns toward the sound of J.D.'s voice. It takes him a moment to focus on J.D.'s form, the tent dark and the night darker still. Their cots are close together and if Brian reached over he could touch the other boy. He considers doing it just to feel connected to something, someone.

"Yeah, I can't sleep," he replies, his whispered words sounding too loud amidst the surrounding sounds of slumber.

"Me either," J.D. echoes, and Brian can tell he's smirking, even without seeing. "You want to do something?"

Kissing comes to mind --Brian liked kissing. Other things come to mind too but he's not sure how to put them into words. He's never really been good with words, not with things like this, anyway. He's good with numbers and electronics and figuring out problems, but not this.

"Sure," he answers, watching J.D slide out from beneath his covers before crossing the small space between them and coming to stand at the side of Brian's cot.

"Push over."

Brian does, shifting until he's practically falling off the makeshift bed and J.D. slides in beside him. It's what he's been waiting for the past three weeks, what he's been hoping for, wanting and needing, and he finds himself closing his eyes against the heat radiating off J.D.'s body.

"This way we can talk and no one will hear," J.D. says by way of explanation, but he sounds hesitant, unsure, like Brian might actually send him away.

It's the last thing Brian wants to do, so he nods, hoping J.D. won't notice just how nervous he is. There's barely enough room for the both of them and the cot sags under their combined weight, causing them to fall together somewhere in the middle. Not that Brian's complaining, because J.D.'s warm and the air around them is cold. Not as cold as New York, but close enough and Brian drifts back to that moment on that couch that seems a lifetime ago.

"It's weird, isn't it? Being here I mean," J.D. says and his breath tickles Brian's cheek.

"Yeah, it is," Brian agrees and he doesn't know what to do with his hands.

Doesn't know what to do with the sudden silence or the boy in his bed. He knows what he wants to do, but J.D. hasn't said anything and for all Brian knows New York was just a one-time thing. The thought constricts his chest and he struggles to breathe. It's nothing compared to the nervous fluttering in his stomach.

"I keep thinking about New York," J.D. admits and Brian knows what he's not saying.

Or at least, he thinks he knows, hopes he knows and when J.D. shifts, bringing them closer still, the butterflies in Brian's stomach start doing summersaults. "Me too," he confesses, hazarding a glance at J.D.'s lips.

And just like that J.D.'s kissing him. Soft and hesitant and Brian still doesn't know what to do with his hands. He settles on placing them against J.D.'s chest, feeling the rise of fall of J.D.'s breath and, if he concentrates hard enough, Brian imagines he could even feel J.D.'s heartbeat through the thick cotton layer of his shirt.

This is nothing like New York, it's messy and a little awkward and it takes Brian way too long to get the angle right. Even then he knows there's too much saliva in his mouth, and he can't quite get his tongue to move the way he wants it to. But J.D. is still kissing him, moaning just under his breath so Brian can't be screwing it up that bad.

It's nice, in way Brian hadn't fully registered in New York. In New York it had been warm, fleeting and over way too soon. Now it’s slow and there's a sense of exploration Brian didn't appreciate before. Different in a way that's both good and terrifying and Brian's toes curls beneath the blankets.

Despite their activities, he finds himself tensing at every sound, certain someone will wake up and catch them, but it never happens so he does his best to forget where they are and just focus on the lips moving beneath his own. They've established some sort of rhythm now, J.D. controlling the kiss like he's done this before and it wouldn't surprise Brian. But then again, J.D.'s good at everything, better than Brian, anyway.

He lets J.D. lead them, deepening the kiss until Brian's lightheaded from lack of oxygen. It only makes it that much better; a slight sense of euphoria washing over him until he's certain this is what people mean by mountaintop experience. It makes him feel almost giddy, drunk even. Not that he's ever been drunk, but he hasn't been kissed like this either and he imagines it must feel the same.

J.D. shifts even closer until there's nothing between them and Brian's hands clench around J.D.'s shirt, pulling and twisting and he knows when he lets go, the fabric will be a mess of wrinkles. One of J.D.'s hands is resting on Brian's hip, grip firm and thumb pressing into Brian's hipbone. The other is curled around Brian's neck, tilting his head into the kiss and holding him firm.

He feels trapped against J.D. and it takes him a moment to register that the hardness pressing into his thigh is J.D.'s erection. He's so shocked that he pulls away, eyes wide and breath coming in laboured pants. He's not sure why it surprises him, he's so hard it's hurts, but it only just occurs to him where this is heading and he's not certain he's ready for it.

"Sorry..." J.D. mumbles, pulling away and, before Brian can stop himself, he's reaching out, grabbing J.D.'s shirt for a second time and pulling the other boy back toward him.

He wants to tell J.D. that it's all right, that he doesn't mind, but he doesn't have words so he settles on fusing their lips together once again, kissing with purpose this time, intent and J.D. seems to melt against him. And now they're rocking together, erections colliding through coarse fabric and it's enough to make Brian's eyes roll into the back of his head.

He wants more, more than he ever thought possible and this time when he breaks away it's to pant against J.D.'s neck. He breathes in J.D.'s scent, hips still moving in frantic circles and the sensation is so overwhelming Brian's forced to close his eyes. J.D. pulls away enough to get a hand between them, sliding fingers beneath Brain's waistband and before he can make contact, Brian tenses and comes, his body shaking with the force of his orgasm.

He rides out waves of pleasure he didn't think possible, his entire body humming until he can feel it everywhere. Pleasure radiating from his groin, into his limbs and out his fingers and toes. He can feel it in his hair, his teeth, throbbing in his gums and when he opens his eyes, he realizes J.D.'s staring at him. Something close to shock flickering in his eyes and Brian's instantly embarrassed.

"God, I'm sorry," Brian manages, still breathing hard and trying not to notice the sticky mess inside his boxers.

"It's okay," J.D. tells him and the awkwardness fades the moment the words leave his lips.

J.D. surges forward, kissing Brian like it's something new, something awe inspiring and it's all Brian can do to keep up. J.D.'s rocking against him again, still hard and Brian gets it together long enough to slide a hand into J.D.'s pajamas. He reaches past boxers with shaking hands, not really knowing what he's doing but it can't be that hard to figure out.

And he must be doing something right, because the second his hand closes around J.D.'s cock, J.D.'s head falls back and he lets out a strangled moan. Brian strokes once, once more and then J.D.'s coming between them, wet heat coating Brian's hand and now he understands J.D.'s reaction.

Because it's beautiful, better than his own orgasm and he's never wanted to kiss someone more than he does right now. He waits, just until J.D. catches his breath before inching forward, pressing their lips together and Brian's kiss is still hesitant. But J.D. doesn't seem to mind, just folding into Brian and kissing him back like they have all the time in the world.

When they finally break apart, Brian's flushed and panting, wanting more until he aches from it. But they're already sticky and damp, come drying between them and there's no way they can both sleep here. Not unless they want to risk someone finding them in the morning.

J.D. pulls off his shirt, using it to clean them up as best as he can before tossing the soiled garment in the direction of his cot. And now Brian doesn't know what to do, because J.D.'s still here, still warm and inviting and all Brian really wants to do is crawl into J.D.'s arms and fall asleep.

"I wish I could stay here," J.D. comments and his voice is tinged with sadness like the thought of leaving is too painful to contemplate.

"Me too," Brian whispers, tracing an absent hand across J.D.'s naked chest and he knows better than to hope for it. "I don't think anyone would appreciate finding you in my cot in the morning, though."

"Yeah, you're right," J.D. replies, but he doesn't move, just slides that much closer and maybe they can stay like this for a little while.

Besides, Brian's tired and he has a feeling he'll have no trouble falling asleep now. He may not have his Aria, but J.D.'s a pretty good stand in, so Brian closes his eyes, letting himself drift off to sleep.

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Oh, man, I so have to see this movie now. So, so good. Le sigh.
Yes, go see the movie, see it twice, even three times, bask in the woobie love. And thanks.
I don't deserve you. This was so perfect, sweet and shy and everything I love best about geeky teenagers and awkward first times. And it's true, nothing says I love you quite as much as coming at the first sign of physical contact.

Your Brian is perfect, from the classical music to the practicality of wanting to usher J.D. out of his bed even though it's really not what he wants at all. I have such a ridiculous amount of love for these two, I really do, and I'm so glad you wrote fic. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Honestly, I have no idea why more people aren't at least reading them, because even if you haven't seen the movie it's got to be obvious that they're meant for each other. But I don't even care, because I love them so much I'd write them anyway. I'm just so thrilled you do too, and their first time! First time fic is so my favorite thing in the whole wide world, with the hesitance and the awkward and the 'if he doesn't kiss me right now I'll die'. Perfect. Now I'm going to be thinking about this all day while I'm sitting in the park listening to music.

Thank you thank you for writing this. Woobie!Fic just for me! Yay!
Oh good, you liked. And thanks, I was going to try writing J.D., but you know, I just can't. Kind of like how I can't write Nick. It's strange, to say the least. And yes, these two have all my love, guh they're just so freaking adorable.

And you know, I actually don't care if no one reads this. I love these two so much that I'd be willing to post fic after fic until everyone got sick of me and defriended. It wouldn't matter because they are just so freaking perfect. It's like, I don't even know what it's like but it's nice to write a pairing that actually has a future. (unlike some fbi agents who will remain unnamed)

And shit, babbling, sorry, but thanks.
Babbling is always okay with me. And these two are so destined-to-be-together it's not even funny. They're the shiny angst-free pairing, except for when angst is injected for purposes of story, and then they're the shiny Woobie-angst pairing, and either way it's all good. So much love. And way too little sleep.
::fangirls:: You wrote woobie porn! That was so fab. Wonderful and sweet and hot, and just so them. This is so going to be my summer pairing obsession. ::fangirls again::
Thanks, they're my summer pairing obsession, ::hugs Brian and J.D. tight:: I just adore them so.

Deleted comment

Yay! More love for the woobie!otp. Heh. And thanks, glad you liked.
Aww. It's nice to come back from being sick - and finally seeing tDAT - to read this. Hee. Awkward and yet sweet. Heeee. I need to read more now. I think this might be one of my kinks too, since I'm being all for the underage and err, but I just can't help it. And I'm glad I'm not the only one. Maybe one day I'll be writing these two too. But until then, you keep up the delicious work.
Well, shit, sorry for the delay. Totally just got this comment. *kicks livejournal* But thanks, and glad you finally got to see the movie. Heh. Write them.
Oh wow, that was amazing. I think you captured the sweet awkwardness between them so beautifully. Good show.
You're a Brian/JD fan too? Cool. And also, thanks.
Well, not really a fan, but I saw the potential between the two of them during the movie. So your fic just brought it to light for me :) I may just become a fan. Are there anymore for them? --the rest of mine are here. -carolinecrane's are here.

That's all I know of --we're a fandom of 2! Go us! So you know, feel free to write us something. ;) *hint*
Woo! and you have BILB slash! A friend of mine and I used to rgp Jess and Jules at greatest journal for a while. They were so much fun :)
There is nowhere near enough BILB slash in the world. It's actually disappointing. Perhaps I shall start a campaign.