duckgirlie (duckgirlie) wrote in five_acts,

Okay, my five are (and I know some of them are extremly vanilla, and slighty odd...)

1. Corduroy. (Honestly, there's nothing that's sexy that isn't sexier if both guys are wearing cords)

2. Sex in theatres.

3.Kissing. I know EVERYBODY has it, but that just proves how good it is.

4. Blowjobs and fingerfucking. Particularlly if it's the 'receptive' partner's first time...

5. Angry/Hate sex. When one or the other is VERY angry, or when lust overcomes mutual loathing.

And nothing against het/femmeslash, but it just doesn't float my boat.

(Also, I know fandoms are at the autor's descresion, but my favorite pairing (Mark/Lucas), is crimanally underrepresented.)
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