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Just found this community and LOVE the idea behind it. After some quick revisiting to my favorite stories/fantasies I've compiled this as my top 5, guaranteed to get me there sexual subject matters. Acts are described with het or m/m slash pairings in mind, but not averse to f/f slash, threesomes or anything else one can put into an erotic scenario.

1. Marking. Bites, sucks, scratches and holds that leave bruises, marks and other impressions visible on the skin. Nothing more than temporary reminders of the intensity of a night or nights of great love, lust or need. A hickey on the neck to have fun trying to hide for a few days. Passionate claws on the upper back to keep in mind how hard one’s partner tried to keep them close. Finger shaped bruises on hips and thighs to reflect how tightly the body was grasped in the heat of the moment.

2. Jealousy. Especially when tied to ‘first times,’ jealous/possessive lovers who border on obsessive but stay clear of scary are just delish. If a character sees their partner do something with someone else and thinks to themselves “Only *I* get to do *that*” and gets all riled, I’m there. Major bonus if the jealousy leads to sudden, unexpected, hot, hard and bruising sex.

3. Disarrayed Clothing. Shirts torn, but not removed. Skirts hiked up. Panties pushed to the side or ripped at the crotch. Erections pulled through the opening of boxers or briefs, the hastily unzipped fly of jeans. Any material barrier just ripped or quickly pushed aside to allow access to the good stuff. Sexual acts so hot and greedy clothing gets in the way, but not so much so that anyone can be bothered to completely remove it.

4. Frottage. Two men – naked, fully clothed or with attire partially ripped off – writhing and twisting and frantically grinding together. Kissing and groping and staring into each others eyes and breathing each others breath as they press their bodies closer and tighter together, each seeming to be seeking a way to merge with the other on a level beyond sex. I especially love this in connection to ‘first times.’

5. Blindfolded. With or without the additional stimulation of bondage, ‘unseen’ sex is incredibly hot. To be teased and held in suspense by curiosity and vulnerability. Unknowing if a kiss or touch will come next or where it will land. Heightening of the other senses. Ears tuned to detect the faintest sounds of breathing, rustling, anything that may tip one off as to the location and actions of their partner. Nose inhaling familiar scents of sex and possibly more – candles, lotions anything that might be brought in for additional stimulation. Tongue tasting fingers that are offered to lips swollen from biting back questions, whimpers, moans or demands, detecting flavors that might indicate where the digits have touched. Every inch of skin tingling in anticipation and awareness that something – lips, a tongue, fingers, hair, a feather, breath, leather, silk – ANYthing might soon be touching it, marking it.

Inspire anyone?
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