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Five Acts: The All-Fandom Porn Drive

it's like that thing with the canned goods... only with porn

gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses
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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, exitsign decided the world needed to share their kinks.

And the world answered.

Being an opportunist, carleton97 said, "You know what would rock? If everyone wrote stories about their kinks and had a central location to share them."

Thus this community was born.

What to do on this community:

-- Post a list of your five favorite sexual acts/kinks
-- Read other people's lists
-- Write a story (or twelve) based on your own kink list
-- Write a story (or twelve) based on other people's kinks
-- Read stories based on the various kinks


-- In the subject line, use the following template:
Title, Fandom (or Original), Pairing, Rating

-- Your story must contain the following headers:

Author: author (author@email.com)
Author website:


Author's note:

Based on: (link to original kink post)

Word Count:

< lj cut >

story goes here

</ lj cut >


-- No one under the age of majority in their area of the world is permitted to join the community, read, or review the stories contained therein. We will be Nazis about this rule, people. If you're too young to be here and we catch you, you will be booted back to junior high.

-- Some stories here are fanfiction. Some stories here are original fiction. If either is not your thing, don't be a jerk.

-- You can't get porn written if you don't post a list. Go ahead, don't be shy, we don't bite. Much.

-- Have more than five favorite acts? Post more than one list, but try to space them out, OK?

-- And if you want some porn written about one (or more) of your five favorite kinks, you may stipulate what orientation (het, slash, femmeslash) you prefer but things like fandom and pairing are up to the author.

-- You don't have to write a story to have a story written for you, but it would be appreciated if you did at least try to write something.

-- When you find an act (or more) you'd like to write, leave a comment in that entry stating which one(s) you're picking up so that we all have something to look forward to.

-- There is no limit on the number of kinks you can write into one story. If you can make it work then go for it.

-- Please don't be afraid to read something just because you don't know the fandom or pairing. Reading a new fandom is just the same as watching a new television show or picking up a new book. You have to take that first step into a fandom before you can decide whether you like it or not. You never know what you might end up falling in love with if you just give it a chance.

-- There is no deadline on request posts or fic posts.

-- There is no limit on the amount of times that each individual kink may be written. More porn is good porn.

-- The minimum number of words for each story is 500. Stories won't be deleted just because they weigh in at 498 words, but try to make it to 500.

-- Please do not post WiP's. Once a multi-chapter story has been completed, post a link to the entire text.

-- RPS is OK.