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Five Acts: The All-Fandom Porn Drive [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

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Brand New To The Group!! :D [Oct. 9th, 2011|04:25 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]

Okay... came across this group quite by accident but I think I may like it since as the icon suggests, I am a major kink whore who is very hard to squick!! The hardest thing is going to be choosing only five of my fave kinks!!

1. Daddy!Kink... Slash only please... I love to see the guys dressing up all little girl or teen girl like and then calling their partner daddy. Not so much a sub/dom thing just some friendly sexy role play between two consenting adults!!

2. MPreg... Slash only please... I love seeing the guys getting knocked up but I also like for there to be a plausible reason such as them being magical or being other types of creatures so it at least makes sense... also potions or something along that line could also explain it away. I like to see them be all crazy from hormones or have to deal with what woman deal with during pregnancy. Either comical or romantic, this is a great kink to read!!

3. Cross Generations... I love to see younger adults being seduced by older adults. Its hot to see cougar women prey on young men or having older guys preying on younger men... I'm not as into older men getting with younger woman though and I hate femmeslash so thats a no go.
Examples would be Draco Malfoy with Albus Severus Potter, Ginny Weasley with Scorpius Malfoy, Usami Akihiko with Misaki Anything of that nature.

4. Oral Sex...to me this includes rimming... Theres something hott about a guys mouth being anywhere near the other guys naughty parts. Also its okay in HET as well but not nearly as hott as it is in slash fics.

5. Vampire fics... I love just about any fandom that has vampires in it, I also love when characters that aren't vamps in canon are made into vamps for fanfics... It goes without saying that I love the blood drinking but I mostly love it in the context of a prelude to sex or during the sex. Vamps can be so sensual when they are drinking someone's blood during sex. Also they have lots of other special abilities that can make the smut special with them.

I hope I haven't freaked anyone out with my kinks since I know some people squick easy but I am not one of them really... I know we're not supposed to pick fandoms but if anyone goes to my profile it will be obvious what I'm into... Pretty much vamps, Potterverse, and some Anime but I am way open to new fandoms... its how I first got hooked on some of my fave fandoms!! :D
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My favorite five.... [Jun. 8th, 2011|05:32 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses


So found this community after stumbling upon the Five Acts Exchange - which I wanted to do - but of course came too late to sign up.... which actually happens to me too often.


  1. Mating - hot, passionate, mating for life or just for the season/night, that's fine too... it's just something I find animalistic that I love to see in fics. I don't even care if its a human with a were!animal or whatnot, I love it. I especially love when it locks the two of them together for a few hours...
  2. M/F/M - That is one threesome I fall for at any time, and it doesn't matter to me if the guys interact with each other or just focus on the woman, as long as one is under her and the other is on top of her - making a sexy sandwich. ;D If you want to add another girl or guy to the mix? All the better.
  3. Sex Pollen  -- or something like it... its something I got introduced to thanks to the Batman fandom, but I'd love to see it in others, which I haven't seen too often.
  4. Powers - I enjoy seeing people using their special abilities/superpowers on their partner or near them during sex.... Sex generally makes you lose control, and I'd love to see that happen....
  5. Blood - kinda like marking but mainly love it in vampire fic; drinking each other's blood, causing the other to bleed and then licking it up.... pretty much anything dealing with blood.

    I have other kinks, some that other people already wrote, so I decided to go with the ones that weren't already written about (a lot).

    I know the writers pick, but here's the list of FandomsCrossovers I like.

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(no subject) [Dec. 17th, 2005|10:19 am]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

This is a great idea. :) The world can never have enough porn.

1. Female domination. I like the idea of a girl taking charge and showing her lover (be they male or another female) what's what.

2. Menage-a-tois. The more, the merrier and all that. I especially like female-female-female and male-female-male threeways, but really, any threeway is a good threeway.

3. Tickling, in conjuction with bondage or not. Whether it's just playful tickling or outright tickle torture... I'm a sick freak and it gets me hot.

4. Role-reversal. I like the idea of someone who's not usually in control of the relationship topping (but not raping) someone who usually is, especially if the person who usually is in control is just a leeeetle too cocky about it.

5. Crossdressing. I go back and forth between trying to decide if a boy dressed like a girl or a girl dressed like a boy is hotter.

I generally prefer het and femmeslash, but honestly, slash is good too and if the participants are hot enough, I'll go for anything.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2005|05:55 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

[Current Music |Billie Myers - Tell Me]

Just found this community and LOVE the idea behind it. After some quick revisiting to my favorite stories/fantasies I've compiled this as my top 5, guaranteed to get me there sexual subject matters. Acts are described with het or m/m slash pairings in mind, but not averse to f/f slash, threesomes or anything else one can put into an erotic scenario.

1. Marking. Bites, sucks, scratches and holds that leave bruises, marks and other impressions visible on the skin. Nothing more than temporary reminders of the intensity of a night or nights of great love, lust or need. A hickey on the neck to have fun trying to hide for a few days. Passionate claws on the upper back to keep in mind how hard one’s partner tried to keep them close. Finger shaped bruises on hips and thighs to reflect how tightly the body was grasped in the heat of the moment.

2. Jealousy. Especially when tied to ‘first times,’ jealous/possessive lovers who border on obsessive but stay clear of scary are just delish. If a character sees their partner do something with someone else and thinks to themselves “Only *I* get to do *that*” and gets all riled, I’m there. Major bonus if the jealousy leads to sudden, unexpected, hot, hard and bruising sex.

3. Disarrayed Clothing. Shirts torn, but not removed. Skirts hiked up. Panties pushed to the side or ripped at the crotch. Erections pulled through the opening of boxers or briefs, the hastily unzipped fly of jeans. Any material barrier just ripped or quickly pushed aside to allow access to the good stuff. Sexual acts so hot and greedy clothing gets in the way, but not so much so that anyone can be bothered to completely remove it.

4. Frottage. Two men – naked, fully clothed or with attire partially ripped off – writhing and twisting and frantically grinding together. Kissing and groping and staring into each others eyes and breathing each others breath as they press their bodies closer and tighter together, each seeming to be seeking a way to merge with the other on a level beyond sex. I especially love this in connection to ‘first times.’

5. Blindfolded. With or without the additional stimulation of bondage, ‘unseen’ sex is incredibly hot. To be teased and held in suspense by curiosity and vulnerability. Unknowing if a kiss or touch will come next or where it will land. Heightening of the other senses. Ears tuned to detect the faintest sounds of breathing, rustling, anything that may tip one off as to the location and actions of their partner. Nose inhaling familiar scents of sex and possibly more – candles, lotions anything that might be brought in for additional stimulation. Tongue tasting fingers that are offered to lips swollen from biting back questions, whimpers, moans or demands, detecting flavors that might indicate where the digits have touched. Every inch of skin tingling in anticipation and awareness that something – lips, a tongue, fingers, hair, a feather, breath, leather, silk – ANYthing might soon be touching it, marking it.

Inspire anyone?
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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2005|07:16 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

Okay, my five are (and I know some of them are extremly vanilla, and slighty odd...)

1. Corduroy. (Honestly, there's nothing that's sexy that isn't sexier if both guys are wearing cords)

2. Sex in theatres.

3.Kissing. I know EVERYBODY has it, but that just proves how good it is.

4. Blowjobs and fingerfucking. Particularlly if it's the 'receptive' partner's first time...

5. Angry/Hate sex. When one or the other is VERY angry, or when lust overcomes mutual loathing.

And nothing against het/femmeslash, but it just doesn't float my boat.

(Also, I know fandoms are at the autor's descresion, but my favorite pairing (Mark/Lucas), is crimanally underrepresented.)
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2004|01:43 am]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

my five kinks:

1. were animals (werewolves, werecats, weremice, etc.).

2. loud, obnoxious, violent, fur flying sex.

3. not often seen bondage, painful even (such as: wrists tied together and ankles together, then wrists tied to ankles then a collar with a leash down to the ass, between the cheeks and attached to the ankles as well, keeping the figure arched, laying on his or her knees and shoulders. just one example.

4. doggy-style.

5. rough, up-against a tree or wall sex.

any one? :)
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Fic: That Ends Well (Touching Evil, Creegan/Rivers, NC17) [May. 11th, 2004|07:32 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

[Current Mood |indescribable]
[Current Music |American Idol]

Title: That Ends Well
Author: Caroline (caroline@nickandgreg.com)
Author website: Desiderium Caritas
Fandom: Touching Evil
Pairing: Creegan/Rivers
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: through "Attachment"
Archive: no thank you
Summary: He's not sorry.

Disclaimer: All lies. No charge.

Author's note: This is all Rivers' fault for being so damn pathetic slashy. And it will never happen again, as God is my witness. ::ducks lightning bolts::

Based on: Number five. And a little bit of number one, if you squint real hard. Jane, if it sucks, I'm really, really sorry.

Word Count: 1370

That Ends WellCollapse )
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After Speech, Reach into the Silence, The Faculty, Stan/Casey, NC17 [May. 10th, 2004|08:37 am]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses
[Current Mood |boredbored]

Title: After Speech, Reach Into the Silence
Author: carleton97@excite.com
Author website: http://carleton97.populli.net
Fandom: The Faculty
Pairing: Stan/Casey
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: The movie
Archive: Yes, keep headers attached.
Summary: Porn at the cabin.

Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.

Author's note: This story takes place the universe I established in 'Echoes Inhabit the Garden' and 'Rain.' Extra special thanks go out to my Evil Twin for eeeeee!-ing as I wrote this.

Based on: carolinecrane's kink post and nekosmuse's desire for sultry, summer fic.

Word Count: 1160

After Speech, Reach Into the Silence -- carleton97Collapse )
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drunk, drown, down (Soulkeeper, Terrence/Corey, NC17) [May. 2nd, 2004|07:20 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses
[Current Mood |crankycranky]
[Current Music |AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap]

Title: drunk, drown, down
Author: Jane D (girlcalledjane @ yahoo.com)
Author website: girlcalledjane.com
Fandom: Soulkeeper
Pairing: Terrence Christian/Corey Mahoney
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Nada as it's all pre-movie.
Archive: Yeah, sure, whatever flips your switch.
Summary: Drunk people do crazy things and Corey doesn't even know how this happened.

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned them. They would look so pretty on my mantel. If I had a mantel, that is.

Author's note: Terrence is on the left, Corey's on the right. They are hot. As is carleton97 because she beta read this for me. Twice. Also? I used Corey's nickname for Terrence throughout the entire story, this would probably confuse only one other person but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Based on: A little bit of the first three from this post, #1 and #5 from this post and #4 from this post.

Word Count: 1,924 words

He doesn't even know how this happened.Collapse )
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Grasp: CSI, Nick/Greg, NC17 [Apr. 30th, 2004|10:38 pm]
gathering porn for the poor, pornless masses

Title: Grasp
Author: caroline@nickandgreg.com
Author website: Desiderium Caritas
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: none
Archive: no thank you
Summary: Greg likes to watch.

Disclaimer: All lies. No charge.

Based on: Jane's #1 and Neko's #2 and #3. Kind of a two-for-one deal.

Word Count: 1629 words

He could say it's because Nick's hot – that's true, at least – but that doesn't really explain it.
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